We have connection plans to suit all types of users, from start-up companies with novel ideas to large corporations with thousands of sensors.

Explorer Package

For system developers
and home users

Up to 6
connections per day

Up to 5 devices


Community Package

For not-for-profit / social enterprises

From 6 to 48
connections per day

Up to 10 devices


Regular Package

Standard tariff for
medium-scale users

From 6 to 48
connections per day

Up to 100 devices


Enterprise Package

Discounted tariff for
large scale users

From 6 to 48
connections per day

Greater than 100 devices


3 simple steps to get connected


1. Select your sensor

Select from the Lacuna range of low-cost sensors; or

From the wide range of commercially available  LoRaWAN™ compatible sensors; or

Or incorporate our compact communications module into your custom designed sensor or equipment.


2. Choose your connectivity plan

Low cost connection plans for global coverage with no hidden charges

Low cost plans for educational, research and hobbyist users

Low cost plans to suit individual consumers through to large scale industrial users


3. Download the application

Configure by providing the sensor encryption key and the network connection key

View your data from any web-enabled device; and / or

Use our install wizard to forward your data via an API to any other application or network platform of your choosing

Get Involved

We are already working with device manufacturers, application developers and end-users such as

micro enterprises with huge ambitions, social enterprises and large multinational organisations.