Unlock the potential of Relay in satellite LoRaWAN with Lacuna Space’s Dario Buma, and The Things Industries’ Adrian-Stefan Mares in a live session on May 16th at 16:00 CET. Discover firsthand the benefits and considerations of using the LoRa Alliance TS011-1.0.0 Relay specification in combination with direct to satellite LoRaWAN.

Lacuna is thrilled to share our latest collaboration with The Things Industries through this webinar, where we’ll delve into the details of our innovative Relay feature. Meet Dario Buma, Lacuna’s dedicated Product Manager has been instrumental in guiding Lacuna’s customers and partner as they convert their solutions to satellite connectivity through onboarding them onto the Lacuna Network. Recently, Dario has been supporting the integration of LoRaWAN Relay with satellite technology and this webinar offers an ideal opportunity to learn more about this promising new feature for users.

Satellite Relay LoRaWAN holds the potential for a new era, transforming standard devices and expanding existing market potential. Join us to uncover cost-effective strategies to enhance (indoor) coverage using Satellite Relay LoRaWAN and minimise deployment efforts. Gain insights into the capabilities empowered by Lacuna’s satellite service and The Things Stack, as well as how to integrate existing terrestrial end-devices with satellite backhaul through the Relay. This webinar promises an invaluable opportunity to explore Satellite Relay LoRaWAN solutions and more!

Check out the agenda below and reserve your spot today for this insightful session here: https://mailchi.mp/thethingsindustries/relay-satellite-webinar


  • Overview of LoRa Alliance TS011-1.0.0 Relay specification
  • Exploring Relay in Satellite LoRaWAN context
  • Use cases for Satellite Relay deployment
  • End-to-end setup: from relay device to The Things Stack
  • Insights from field testing
  • Q&A