Lacuna Space can directly pick up signals from LoRa® IoT sensors instead of having the signals transferred to a gateway for onward relay to space.

This reduces the cost and complexity of the system. The satellites feature very sensitive receivers that can detect the faint signals from small battery-powered IoT sensors.

In collaboration with Semtech Corporation, the owners of the LoRa® intellectual property, Lacuna has re-engineered the receivers so they can simultaneously detect and decode vast numbers of sensors in the satellite’s field of view.

Technical expertise

Thomas Telkamp, CTO of Lacuna Space, is one of the leading authorities on LoRa® and has presented at conferences around the world.  He has worked closely with the inventors of LoRa at Semtech for many years to ensure the core LoRa® / LoRaWAN ® concept can be scaled for use from satellites.

Technical knowhow

Thomas Telkamp presents the Lacuna Keynote speech at The Things Conference  in January 2019.

Interview with Rob Spurrett and Thomas Telkamp at The Things Conference in 2019.

The basics of LoRa explained by on the leading experts, Thomas Telkamp

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