An ultra-low cost tracking and sensor detection service for small amounts of data

– think of it as ‘things’ rather than people tweeting short messages. 

Lacuna ultra-low cost tracking and sensor detection service


There are absolutely no blank spots no matter how remote the area

– from the artic to the middle of the oceans.

Network integration

Seamless integration with terrestrial LPWAN networks, where available.

Long life

Battery powered to send data for up to five years.

No recharging or mains power required!


Works seamlessly with other terrestrial networks, if required.

It finds the most economical and fast route to connect.

How does it work?

1. Low-cost, battery-powered sensors transmit a signal directly to a passing satellite.
2. The signals use a long-range wide area network protocol that is specially designed to conserve battery power.
3. The satellites are low-cost cubesats (about the size of a shoe-box) and fly in a 500km orbit, circling the Earth fourteen times each day.
4. The satellites store the messages for a short period of time until they pass over our network of ground station.
5. The messages are relayed automatically from the ground station to our cloud platform.
6. Data can be viewed on our web based application, or it can be relayed to your own application on a terrestrial network if you prefer.

Industrial users and technology partners:

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