Oxford UK, 27th March 2024 – Lacuna Space, the leading provider of direct-to-satellite IoT connectivity, announces successful commissioning and trials with large-constellation operator OneWeb.

In May 2023, OneWeb launched the technology demonstrator satellite, known as JoeySat, hosting Lacuna’s low-power IoT gateway payload. Since its launch, Lacuna has undergone commissioning of the payload and is pleased to announce successful operation.

This IoT gateway extends the functionality of the satellite beyond OneWeb’s core broadband business, now allowing ultra-low-power sensors to send data directly to satellite to be forwarded to secure internet platforms. Many industries crave visibility of their field-deployed assets, often located off-grid and outside of existing terrestrial coverage, making this data acquisition service extremely valuable for the enterprise market undergoing digital transformation.

Key markets requiring such remote sensing capability include:

  • Agriculture, including forestry and aquaculture,
  • Utilities, particularly linear infrastructures spanning between cities,
  • Environmental monitoring and ecology,
  • Shipping logistics,
  • Construction and mining

Lacuna’s technology is based on open standards, meaning that a huge ecosystem of sensor manufacturers are able to design and build their own bespoke solutions able to take advantage of this new capability. With just one charge, sensors are able to stay connected to satellites for multiple years.

Beyond this ultra-low-power operation, an additional reason for OneWeb to select Lacuna to participate in this trial was Lacuna’s ability to rapidly deliver the payload on a tight schedule ahead of the launch. Lacuna’s gateway is now proven in-orbit across five different constellations, including Lacuna’s own satellites, and with more in the pipeline.

Lacuna operates its own constellation of LEO satellites at 500km to provide their core service and also make their technology available to other satellite operators such as OneWeb. JoeySat is currently operating at 600km and will raise orbit to 1200km in the next year. Together with other operators using Lacuna’s technology, including Omnispace at 10,000km, with some new entrants proposing also stratospheric balloons as low as 20km. This tapestry of satellites across a range of altitudes showcases Lacuna’s capability and commitment to deliver global connectivity through a novel approach.

For more information about how to access the IoT service, or to host IoT payloads on your own satellites, please contact us here : https://lacuna.space/contact/