Lacuna Space IoT Service users can look forward to reaping the benefits of increased capacity with the newest addition, satellite LS2F, now incorporated into our operational constellation.

LS2F marks the third addition to Lacuna’s constellation in 2023, signaling an acceleration of growth in the service capacity, ahead of a soon-to-be-announced contract for Lacuna’s next generation satellites for manufacture in 2024. With a commitment to meeting the growing demand for IoT Solutions amongst various industries and optimizing performance across different regions, LS2F serves as a clear illustration of Lacuna’s efforts to provide these services.

The Lacuna Network now boasts a solid heritage within the industry, having already accumulated four years of orbital operation. Beyond collecting data daily from sensors around the globe, Lacuna has additionally developed a global database of spectral scans that provides granular visibility of the ideal frequency bands for optimal performance in each region. Satellites such as LS2F are typically used for these alternative duties before being brought into the commercial service constellation.  This gathering of data can be utilized to enhance performance in different regions and leverage it to consistently expand as well as improve the service.

Lacuna has led the technology race to enable direct-to-device satellite communications for IoT devices using standardized protocols and open-sourced / BYOD devices. This advancement has generated great momentum within the IoT solutions provider and integrator ecosystem, addressing a longstanding gap between traditional space proprietary satellite solutions and terrestrial LPWA solutions. The Lacuna service bridges these two worlds, establishing a hybrid connectivity framework for low power sensors in remote applications.

Consequently, customers of Lacuna’s service are able to utilize this development to drive digital transformation in industries craving visibility of their assets, resources and produce in even the most remote locations, such as agriculture, utilities, logistics, renewable energy, and environmental initiatives.

With the inclusion of LS2F and the forthcoming announcements in 2024, Lacuna strives to pave the way with technological advancements that support its existing and prospective customers. To achieve this, Lacuna remains committed to growing its core constellation as well as offering this technology to other satellite operators, thereby unlocking substantial potential for further growth and development.